• Digital factory Manifestation of manufacturing processes in virtual environment
  • Process Innovation Improve your company´s prosperity
  • Biomedical engineering New methodology of producing the implants in the conditions of clinical applications
  • Technical Innovation Innovations of workplaces and products


CEIT Group is an innovative company which provides complex solutions to improve the productivity,efficiency and represents a permanent source of competitiveness in industrial company. The unique business entity with its broad portfolio of services and products offers high-quality and professional service to the clients and partners..

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We´ve entered the virtual world. What will be the next step?

Digitization is the bases of Industry 4.0. It opens the door from the real factory to the virtual one. We have entered this world but do we know what should be the next? What to do with the huge amount of data? How not to lose it? How to use them for planning, optimization and flexible changes of production and logistic systems? The 10th annual conference introduces unique technological concept of Digital twin, which has been developed in the real industry conditions. At the same time it outlines visions and way being lead us to the goal being the success.

We´ll meet in Žilina, June 14th 2017.

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CEIT, a.s. focus its activities on research,development and ...

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Mutual trust, exchange of information and achieve the objective creates long partnership.

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