One of the best-known innovations by the CEIT Group are intelligent mobile robots that ensure reliable, efficient and safe automated logistics in industrial halls and plants. It is not just about moving material from one point to another according to a predefined path. It is rather a complex system comprised of tractor units (AGVs), reloading stations and dynamic conveyors, which take the material to the required place at the exact time, and can load and unload the material autonomously. The system also processes data from production, responds to the data flexibly, and can make decisions independently. This CEIT solution for smart internal logistics can be used effectively in every industry. Today it is implemented, to the greatest extent, in production halls of renowned carmakers as well as in the automotive industry supplier companies.


The CEIT automated logistics system is a comprehensive logistics automation solution for industries. In industrial halls and plants, it automates towing of wagons with material according to a pre-defined path using AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) logistics tractor units.

The system as a whole increases automation and productivity of logistics and, at the same time, reduces logistics costs. To automate the process of supplying robotic workstations and production lines, CEIT developed a comprehensive modular solution that is capable of providing various levels of automation, according to the customer's needs. Such logistics system has the task of delivering the required goods in the correct quantity and quality to a predetermined location within a predefined time.


The automatic logistics system consists of:

  • AGV unmanned tractor unit (available in various technical designs according to the weight of distributed load and material handling method),
  • automatic peripherals (wagons, conveyors, re-loaders, etc.),
  • control and monitoring system,
  • Track & Trace (software for statistical evaluation of the operation activities of the logistical equipment).


Forms of navigation:

  • RFID markings,
  • laser scanner.

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