Continuous process improvement is extremely important for every enterprise, for every company that wants to progress, develop and, above all, succeed in strong and omnipresent competition. Teams of our specialists help companies identify and eliminate bottlenecks in logistics and production processes, and thus achieve higher productivity.


In the field of process innovation, we ensure optimisation of workplaces, enhancement of their performance, improvement of processes and enhancement of manufacturing, logistics and corporate systems through modern methods and procedures. The improvement process is based on a detailed understanding of the customer's real priorities and the choice of the most appropriate tool to improve the current situation. Technical solutions are implemented with an innovative approach, taking into account the unique human potential.


We mainly focus on the following areas:

  • Lean and productivity

    shorter continuous production time, just in time delivery, world-class company, systematic process optimisation, work measurement and analysis, standardisation.

  • Company logistics

    internal logistics, warehouse management, stock optimization and management, PaRV, procurement and distribution, AGV systems, supply chain reliability.

  • Machines and equipment maintenance

    introducing total productive maintenance, predictive and corrective maintenance system, minimising costs while maximising the mean time between failures (malfunctions).

  • HR Management

    human resources development, benefit systems, advanced team building and leadership, employee development monitoring, Productivity Academy, proactive employee.

  • Quality improvement

    fast quality process design, low quality analysis and solution, quality prevention, Six Sigma, accountability of each employee for quality.