Companies today must constantly seek new ways to respond to turbulent economic environments. Both the European Union and the US have launched large-scale research programmes aimed at future companies (Factory of the Future) and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) or Smart Manufacturing. We are not left behind.


In cooperation with university, research and industrial partners, CEIT has formulated a new research direction oriented to the field of intelligent manufacturing systems. The result is a research platform that has been named ZIMS – Žilina Intelligent Manufacturing System.

This platform uses the most advanced and cutting-edge technology to design, optimise and operate future manufacturing systems, particularly in the areas of Digital Factory and Digital Engineering, virtual product and manufacturing system development (Virtual Engineering), Reverse Engineering, digitisation (3D laser scanning), Rapid Prototyping of products and manufacturing (production) systems, virtual testing, computer simulation and emulation, etc.

ZIMS has been built since 2009 and is currently represented by a laboratory with the same designation. It represents a new phenomenon – an open collaborative environment that supports creativity, finding new solutions and their practical implementation in the form of new innovations. The state-of-the-art equipment of the ZIMS Laboratories is currently at the very top in the field of technical support for the scientific and research work of various research groups.

The vision of building ZIMS is to create an integrated, cooperative environment that connects three worlds – digital, virtual and real. In the conduct of its research, development and educational activities, ZIMS uses key technologies from the fields of advanced mechatronic systems, artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art information and communication technologies, advanced manufacturing processes, modelling, simulation and prediction, production strategies and knowledge engineering.

The ZIMS workplace is accessible for students of all three levels of university studies, and it is flexibly structured for practical education and training of real-life experts. Students of Slovak universities resolve their semester, bachelor, diploma and doctoral projects here. Many of them are integrated into project groups, and together with specialists in the field, the students are involved in real research and development projects.

CEIT's main partners in the research of intelligent production systems are the University of Žilina, the Technical University in Košice, the Slovak Academy of Sciences, OEM manufacturers and suppliers from the automotive, mechanical, electrical, aviation and chemical industries, and suppliers of the most advanced technologies.


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