Industrial automation and robotics are the way to reduce overall production costs, as well as how to achieve greater efficiency and production quality.


Fierce competition and increasingly challenging market environment require designing and modelling of flexible, reliable and economically viable production cells, workplaces, and operations. Industrial automation and robotisation is not a question of the latest trends. It is a prerequisite for increasing the efficiency of workplaces, technologies and entire enterprise (corporate) systems.


We can help you solve these tasks:

  • Design and development of single- and multi-purpose machinery,
  • Programming of control systems – PLC, PPC,
  • Offline and online programming of industrial robotic systems,
  • Design and development of SCADA and HMI systems,
  • Industrial imaging systems – 2D, 3D,
  • Design of pneumatic and hydraulic systems,
  • Design of an automated workplace and of the whole production system.