CEIT has been providing top-quality solutions for Smart Factory for over ten years. Today it integrates them from A to Z into a comprehensive system for the Smart Factory of the Future.


CEIT Smart Factory is a Digital Factory extension that includes also Virtual Factory in this concept to create what we call the Digital Factory Twin in the virtual environment. Factory Twin represents the symbiosis of real, digital and virtual enterprises. Digital Factory is a 3D digital representation of the real factory that allows for quick and efficient design or optimisation of manufacturing facility layout and production and logistics processes. Real-time location data from the physical factory collected through omnipresent sensors are the basis of a virtual factory, which is actually a data representation of the real-life operation, and with the support of artificial intelligence, it is a prerequisite for autonomous management and self-optimisation.




  • Comprehensive management of processes from design and logistics to autonomous management and optimisation.
  • Collecting and constantly evaluating data and information as a basis for streamlining and optimisation.
  • Fact-based decision-making and real-time configuration of the system.
  • Quick access to comprehensive and relevant information.
  • Systematic capture of the most valuable assets – corporate knowledge.
  • Reducing the cost of error rate and wastage (inefficiency).
  • A comprehensive picture of the current state of production and logistics.